Muzahidul Reza Syllabic Poems

Reza Syllabic Verse - Dire Inhumanity In Time

Catching, beating, raping, burning, cutting,
Killing and every tormenting are
Gladly and fearlessly going
In this time in Myanmar,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Unity And Peace Follow Love

Everywhere I cry for unity, peace
But find nowhere anyone of these,
I did not know these follow love,
I knew and then went to love;

Reza Syllabic Verse - Death The Final Illness

At last final illness appears is death
No any madicine to heal it,
Now, beings, you must meet the death;
When two things shall happen, that

Reza Syllabic Verse - Spring In Nature

Vast, diverse, beautiful, open nature
Where spring comes after every winter,
New ones are born and die the old
Hymns are heard to produce gold,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Love For Village

I was born in a romantic village
Two sides are river surrounded,
So long and so wide the village
After my birth much I heard,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Color Of The Truth

Color of the truth is the best color
I just have colored myself with it
So nothing can cause on me blur
As, me it has well fitted;

Reza Syllabic Verse - Fallen Leave

In autumn nature causes me to fall
Hence I am a simple fallen leaf;
But, now it's not autumn, at all
‘T's raining around so rough,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Near The Green Paddy Fields

And one day near the green, mild paddy fields
By the green pacific villages,
Singing a folks alluring hymn
In unsung favorite rhyme,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Unconditional Love

In my blue sky you are the only star
I am an ordinary planet,
Bound to orbit you at a speed
When you orbit the other,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Out Of Real Tears

Ocean of tears bear not only sorrow
But joys, happiness and peace also,
When it is shed for all the sad
For all oppressed and deprived,

Reza Syllabic Verse - For You

Outside at a stretch the air sings for You
Entering me checks if I sing so,
River murmuring sings for You
Passing hears if I sing so,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Request To Coming Well

Mine only one heart in this poor body
Showing any excuse you break not,
But leave under my custody,
And do not throw my own world

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Life

A life is a chapter with some lessons
It starts with a lesson at a dawn
Then time passes lessons increase
With some broad and short questions,

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Song Of Humanity

Rule with truth to secure every one's rights,
Freedom of living, speech, voting which
Are the first conditions truly
Of our talked humanity,

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Significance Of Your Words

Your every word is sweeter than honey
Expresses pouring heavenly tune
Soothes my existence peacefully
Significance reaches mine

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Real Friend

My friend is as my right hand and both feet
That does good things and run in danger
To share happiness, sadness right
Needless to tell I suffer,

Reza Syllabic Verse -The Wintry Picture

The wintry fogs and mists are all around
Nothing else is seen in this dead ground,
In biting cold wind who shiver
Have gathered around the fire

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Dream Of The Leaves

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Dream Of The Leaves
August 14, 2019

Coming out of a seed some tender leaves


The persons have known One God Creator and
Believed well can never commit and
Adopt wrong doings, policy
Or be in hypocrisy;

Reza Syllabic Verse - Danger In Every Step

Year round the shore living inhabitants
Spend times being dreadfully frightened
Of ferocious sharks, unseen giants,
Fiercely roaring hungry tide,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Small Ship In Big Ocean

Now so up and just then it is so down,
So high wave is in so deep ocean,
Huge water hugs me, small vessel
Not to swing on wings at all

Reza Syllabic Verse - Origin Of Love

The being's brain is just blooming flower
Full of petals, smell and nectar,
Where with these beauty and purity
A blow is made heavenly,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Real And Farcical

Comedy team found us and did approach
Among us saw some colored faces,
Put some comments, "You are colored
You are blurred and you are paled,

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Twisted Buildings

Twisting and twisting two modern buildings
Advance upwards to look for something,
The soft air is hurt suddenly
Cannot pass it directly,

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Moon Is For All

The moon has been well shining since evening
Fully and brightly in the mid sky,
Nature looks glamour and curing,
To see it go not so high;

Reza Syllabic Verse - Under Hungry Beasts

Some hungry beasts are loudly roaring that
The earth is burning in their left paws
Any time they want can blow out
So, the rest fear, too of those;

Reza Syllabic Verse - Revelrous Entertainment

Some whimsical long haired, bearded, shaved guys
And one, two or more informal girls;
With some musical instruments
Like drams, keyboards, guitars, flutes;

Reza Syllabic Verse - World's Baby

After birth a baby is of the world
It neither can speak nor have culture,
May it be from any of parts,
May it have norm of father,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Immortal Soul And Empty Cage

With flesh, blood, bone, feather, soul is a bird
With much care lives in owner's gold cage;
In time soul flies away from gold
Body lies in empty cage;

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Tiny Inn

World is obviously a tiny inn
Where all do stay only for sometime,
Doing something, eating, resting
Then leave for the main station (hereafter)

Reza Syllabic Verse -Not All Who Cause Here Hell

Reza Syllabic Verse - Not All Who Cause Here Hell
18 November, 2018

In a galaxy this solar system

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Unseen Wall

Sweet and salty water pass side by side
Through some of two water resources,
But do not mix at any point
What are the unseen walls those!

Reza Syllabic Verse - Pet Cat

The pet cat is in some ways very cute
Living with human it learns manners,
On how to do and behave good
Also does some useful chores,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Wish Never Ends

Reza Syllabic Verse - Wish Never Ends
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

May every plant sprout many, many buds

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Sun Leaves Dark Night Behind

After late afternoon the sun begins
To wear the orange and red mixed gown
Spreading high red color around
To leave it behind dark night;

Reza Syllabic Verse - Searching For Panoromas Around

Around the ocean, the mountain, the plain
The desert, the fertile, the futile
Different panoromas seen
Lying being line, pile;

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Golden Flower

Blooming the golden flower spreads fragrance,
What the smell! Charms all the perceivers,
They all collect precious nectar,
Drink and it does recover

Reza Syllabic Verse - The Song Of The Patriot

The black hands have grasped, twisted red-green flag
Dishonored, dishonored, dishonored
Our labored, heroic, heart flag,
Dreams and liberation fight;

Reza Syllabic Verse - Fights And Miseries Continue

You, so little a light! Why? Out and quit,
Here we have started the lifelong fight,
Either everything will be end
Or we all will be quite dead,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Infected And Affected But Contented

Anarchy and falsehood have infected
Humans are fatally affected,
For any cure they do not look
But are happy being sick,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Master Of The Solar System

In solar system sun is all in all
On all other bodies its rays fall,
In earth deep in ocean rays reach
That lives there can get essence;

Reza Syllabic Verse - Time, Life And Love

To the current of running brook life goes
Time with universal flow passes
And love exists with life and time
As tagged behind, close or hide,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Value Of Using Proper Things (Imagery)

Yellow pen is being used for marking
But, I see, with it you are writing;
Then will I use a black to mark?
You see, all use blue and black

Reza Syllabic Verse - Flower Is A Great Creation

First spread beauty and smell the flowers
Then come some bees, butterflies and birds
To see beauty, collect nectar,
They help cause pollinated

Three Syllabic Hymn: The Light

Three Syllabic Hymn: The Light
April 4, 2020

Three Syllabic Hymn: Your Kindness

Three Syllabic Hymn: Your Kindness
April 3, 2020

Reza Syllabic Verse - Falsehood Is Ruling Now

The earth is now infested with falsehood
That does pervade from its sky to ground,
Be aware of! O, truth holders
Otherwise, you it will fire

Mango (Cinquain / Syllabic Verse)

Fruity, juicy;
Tasty and colorful,
In summer best available,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Intentions Scope Helping

Having few toasts and a cup of hot tea
How much you are able to do help,
But after helping you do see
You have done more than your pelf,

Reza Syllabic Verse - Hymn For The Feeder Of All

If deep in the sea and there dark on stone
A black ant walks, sits and lives alone,
Creator does see, hear and feed it,
Owner of all is such great;

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