All Poets Awake To Stop Wars Poem by Sylva Portoian

All Poets Awake To Stop Wars

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All poets help me to stop wars...

All gifted poets...
Join me here
To stop wars...massacres...genocides
On this site at least...

Before we sigh away...
We must apply our poetry
To save humanity...!

Please all join...
Pen-with- Pen
Let our inks mixed together
from every race...every religion every place...
Touching Index fingers with each other

I don't need marks...
I have passed that stage
My aim is to save lives...!

Let us unite together
Chaining together
Arms with hands...
And save lives...!

This is part of our duty
For which we are born
To believe in our selves
That we are gifted poets...!

We have Great Faith
To save innocent humans...
We are more powerful than politician
Who are initiating wars
Because used arms will never kill their sons...!

May 21,2012
Siyabonga A Nxumalo 25 May 2012

As we are one on this site, the whole world shall one day learn to tolerate and love one another...thank you... Siya_! !

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Malaya Roses 21 May 2012

We are not here to wage the war, we are here to raise love. I must agree with this calling, a poem or precisely anti-war. Well done.

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Ramesh Rai 25 October 2014

Of course. Poets are always against war.

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Danny Draper 20 February 2013

I agree and write many poems of peace and secular humanism as many current wars are sectarian and tribal within countries. The bigotry of such folly and it's entrenched hatred must be exposed and disposed of for humanity to progress.

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Lawrence H 27 July 2012

Yes, Sossi I always believe human can stop War if we want to. But because of Our Ego, Greediness for Power and wealth, hatred, and selfishness among us, we always keep fighting and killing each others for no reasons.

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Sossi Khachadourian 03 June 2012

The War Is Crime Awareness and the wellness can make the world better place So let's spread the world the most precious words They are the Peace and the Love That all the world is suffering without So let's hold each other hands People we all are one We all have the equal rights And we all are the creation of God So let the God judge the faults Please stop the fights Stop putting discriminations among Black and White Poor You are or rich? what your religion is? Makes no matter at all What is really matter my friend, how good human being you are? With kindness and love we can climb the highest Mountains with trust Let's Join our hands and tell the world that the war is a crime Nothing can be solved with blood and the gun An eye for an eye never can bring back the gone It will cause more harm Let's awake the world and spread the peace all around No matter who we are or where we are from People we all are one Let's shake hands and spead the word of love Awareness and the Wellness can make a big change Don't forget that our words can make big changes A word can heal another destroy Sometime with one word we can save the world Please Stop The War May Innocent children not ever again cry.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 25 May 2012

VERY ART OF LIVING TOGETHER let the humanity rejoices with love and and peace, as every speckles of red in heart resonate to flow each soul divine decries distinctions of religion yet mortal journey never serenades songs of war. where is gloss of growing yet lost into hands of goons at genesis from womb mother never taught art to fight when temple tolls bell at uncanny fire in grave yard hidden innocence of man rolls back into another world do we live under crunch of tongue to taste flesh and blood? like stray dogs on street rides over dead to rouse its wild teeth let gentle breath of legions flow to mellows hearts of millions beneath earth of a global village to know art of sweet living......thanks dear Sylva for your humanitarian write by ingenuity to inspire art of living,10+++++, thanks for sharing..

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