The Deadly Dead Dentifrice A.K.A. Mr. Toothpaste. Poem by teal sky

The Deadly Dead Dentifrice A.K.A. Mr. Toothpaste.

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Brought froM a store brand new
me was inside mY packet blue
which Someone tore in shreds a few
these man-iacs are savages me knew.

me was then kePt In a plastic stand
theRe was a toothpaste of dIfferent brand
his crown was losT, he couldn't WIthstand
the feLony of humans, their fierce hands.

me was then totaLed and tortured in pain
they Twisted my neck, they emptied my contAin
they recKlessly trapped my tears they gained
on my dEathbed, their brushy cane.

me now Void, waiting to diE
they all will come, after eatiNG thEir pie
And when they'll fiNd, my empty inside
i've to ConfidE, i'll be denied.

*as i published this poem, dying Mr.toothpaste got furious and left a threatening message in the poem, what is the message? ? ? ?

hint: _+focus on CAPITALS +_:

Late Mr.toothpaste was one of the living non-living-things.He was a great teeth cleaner who died fighting bacteria and was betrayed by humans.The humans recklessly used it for their foul purposes.
He will be remembered my his fellow paste-mates.Here is his autobiographic poem.
RIP Mr.Toothpaste.
Abhishek Tiwari 14 April 2012

Thats a poet budding within u my boy! I loved it to the ewtent that..for the 1st time some1s death made me laugg..(sorry Mr. Toothpaste)

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Neela Nath Das 15 April 2012

Oh! I laughed a lot. Really nice.Hey, we shouldn't use toothpaste!

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Vijay Sai R 15 April 2012

a beautiful poem, so strange yet so special...

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Rajkamal P.j 07 September 2012

a lively and funny poem.congrats

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Shubham Koul 06 May 2012

this poetry was interesting as well as funny.... :) any one would hardly imagine to make a poetry on a toothpaste...which makes this poetry so special.....

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Sharad Juneja 20 April 2012

vision of a great poet who is one with the's really beautiful

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Aditi Khandelwal 16 April 2012

This is so funny....! Love it! Aditi

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Ramesh Rai 16 April 2012

An unique way to write and a beautiful poem also

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