Terri Turrell Poems

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Punctuation Pens, I Pause

I am these words upon this page
a crumpled page
a crumpled page
a testament to who am I

Is Letting Go A Metaphor?

what is letting go -
letting go of grief?
the serenity of letting go?
(must be a bad metaphor)

'Come On Baby No More Cry'

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
My soul unworthy take my heart
That while I sleep my life depart


If I could paint a portrait of my mind
A masterpiece to show the world my thought
Displaying every path I've walked entwined
With every dream that I have ever sought

Punctuation Perplexed

Hello My name is Sinfull and I'm punctuation perplexed
that's not the same as stupid - it's confused, unsure and vexed
I know I learned in high school but I guess I've just forgot
cuz ya'll are quick to tell me every time I skip a dot

Crash-Test Dummies

He told me his truths were
uglier than mine
laughing, we threw words
that were

The Clever Egg

I speak with the shells of
your eggs
on my tongue
shards of them fragile

It's A Thin Line (Between Love And Hate)

Fists beating the door
Either side
to be heard
Pounding in hearts

I Stop Here

What if I said
I will lie here
in this place
And cease to breath

Treasure (Expanded To Unshackle My Regret)

Regret and rue we never will
What lost will never learn
Within our grasp illusive still
The thing for which we yearn

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