Sylvia Frances Chan Time Poems

An Odd Poem in An Odd Time

An Odd Poem In An Odd Time

my poem site looks now like a gecko
it's green, fertile, but like walking in a ghetto

No Time Like The Present

No Time Like The Present.
36 C degrees TODAY outside mine house,
hotter than Sylvia Plath's oven.

No Time Like The Present.

30 C degrees TODAY in mine house,
hotter than Sylvia Plath's oven.

Never forget the traveling spouse,

The Greatest Miracle Of All Time On Earth

Passion is the big Word tonight
prayer meeting
for the last hours of Jesus

Read Time And Again....

I have taken the first couplet of my poem MINE MUSE on PH
It reads as follows:

Something went wrong with me

In The Nick Of Time....

Been a fortnight to Thailand,
the old kingdom of Siam
in the meantime they are mourning still
the death of their most honoured King of Siam

End Time Of Corona

End Time Of Corona...

so madam is complaining again
when I sneeze

The Rose, My Most Favourite Flower All Time....

A Story-Poem about My Favourite Flower:
The Rose
by Sylvia Frances Chan, - All Rights Reserved
Created on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon 20 Sep 2020

Touching Twilight Time....

Touching Twilight Time....
(How the twilight goes through my eyes)

soft as the gentle breeze


Just wanna inform us all
we have not always the Time in hand
but when we are already on the 6th January
this beloved poem site is still one day earlier

Time To Leave....

Time To Leave….

it gets really stuffy here
the rest leaves me cold

If Time Allows Me....

IF Time Allows me…..

I constantly allow Time to do everything It still has to do with
but on the other hand

Wasted Time

why I oft write in prose
to rhyme
causes me so much time
a huge of my

Last Story For The Second Time

Paris, Rome and Barcelona
I am constantly alone

chatting in the Bois Boulogne

Sublime On Sunday Time.....…

Continuous love with our life,
live on with our love
there will often be a struggle
on earth and never above