You Poem by Tracey Owens


Rating: 4.1

You were not there for me
When i needed you the most.
You let me fall to a thousand pieces
Without even caring
What happened to me.
And now you need me.
Will I choose to help you now?

Ashraful Musaddeq 03 June 2009

You is the pivotal consideration in our life. Love and hate is there, desire and dream sprouts from You. 'And now you need me. Will I choose to help you now? ' You is here also, thanks for nice sharing,10+

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this is nice. and your big heart would let you do the right.

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Lycko Chizo 24 July 2009

I think you need to help him/her regardless the fact the he/she didn't help you when you need help. In that way they'll be ashamed about what they do.. That's the best revenge! Nice poem by the way. Your hurt.. This is quite similar to my poem'those eyes' check it out if you have time. This poem is 10 by the way!

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James Mclain 09 June 2009

yes you always never know when you might need a floor, to sleep on...iip

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 07 June 2009

precise. good one. and the one in need. thank you,

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Linda Weischedel 06 June 2009

Right to the point, great job. I give it a 10.

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Kevin Fisher 06 June 2009

hmpt interesting who is this about

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