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mere human...! but special inside.... unique at some stuff.... Broken but STRONG! I'm not cocky but confident! ! i have real pains sometimes but i believe that pain is short-lived and it makes our lives tasty..... so I always smile and say (welcome pains) ... i like sharing feelings/thoughts and that is why I'm here! ! ! !

My Favorite Quote:
DON'T frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile!

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True Love......! ! ! !

True Love......! ! !

love is not for a day
to play

I'M Still Dying.....!

i'm still dying

i'm dying

The Rainbow

let me fly....

Why should I have broken wings? ! ! ! !

Unsent Poem

two thousands and nine
i will never be fine
no heart's warm or kind
nowhere good i can find

A Victim Of The Unseen Corner Of Life

everyday i used to see her,
sitting on the sand,
playing with the dust of dreams..

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she is my sis.. A fine young lady with a mighty big heart.

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