Behind The Mask Poem by Uche Nwanze

Behind The Mask

Rating: 4.5

What you see before you is not always as it seems.
All you have to do is look within.
Look behind the scene and you will see the untold story.
Behind every DARKNESS hides a beam of
Behind your greatest FEAR lies an
unprecedented COURAGE.
Behind that DESPAIR lies a ray of HOPE.
Behind every sweet LIE is the bitter
Behind the CHAOS is an amazing PEACE.
Behind the ugly MASK lies a rare BEAUTY.
Behind every dark CLOUD lies one golden
What you sometimes and always see is not
as it seems.
All you have to do is look within.
Look BEHIND THE SCENE and you just might
see the untold story.

Uche Nwanze

MC Ecstasy

Saturday, June 10, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: reality
Chinedu Dike 13 June 2017

Beautiful rhetorical piece of poetry elegantly brought forth in awesome poetic diction with conviction. Focussed and factual. Very philosophical. Thanks for sharing Uche and do remain blessed.

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Uche Nwanze 11 June 2017

Thanks for all your comments , I appreciate it. This is a work in progress

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Jazib Kamalvi 10 June 2017

An unmasking poem. Thanks

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Jefferson Carter 10 June 2017

Uche, usually, poems that offer life lessons work best when they rely on showing (vivid images and original figures of speech) rather than telling (using abstractions like beauty, story, truth) . Maybe read lots of good contemporary poetry in English (Billy Collins, Mary Oliver) . If you have time, check out my new website: Tell me how you like it. Thanks! Yrs, JC

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