Uzma Jamil Poems

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A Journey To Eternity

Time is to take a jerky turn,
I blinkingly moved away,
The end is flawless,
Nostalgias awakened;

A Rare Truth

Bloom could the cherries no more,
The haste that burdened,
Made visionary the sight,
Restrictions frequent but pure,

The Merry Bud

Though it had been barren,
Yet thorns of mercy grew,
Filled the cracked petals with tears,
The buds that were to bloom,

All Time Reality

The motive of frankness,
Burst into a desert,
Thy eyes opened to see the swan,
Echoes, awes, all awakened,

The Defendful Acts

To wave the emotions,
Of joy on the brows,
Thoughtless clouds of glowing gallant,
Bad omens in the hours pleasant,

Snoozy Hugs

It was pitch dark all over,
Gone was the moon with all its bloom,
A mouthful could not be felt,
Perhaps the wrong side of bed,


What was I when laid in the graving stress!
With the fragrance so shallow cover,
The night was oceaned with darkness,
Screams of humanism found;

Repulsive Blow

To the truth that remained unrevealed,
The terror that was unreceived,
And much was unsaid,
That moved steps ahead,

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