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All Time Reality

Rating: 4.8

The motive of frankness,
Burst into a desert,
Thy eyes opened to see the swan,
Echoes, awes, all awakened,
I dreamt with the awakened eyes,
The thundersome gloomy gradual touch,
Of the brinkness of negritude,
Shockingly shook me the people,
I happen to see in nay number of time,
Time rose with all heights,

In the shivering movements.
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Abduhoo Salamath 14 August 2016

woooow, ...great feeling.

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Wow, Great expression and could feel the emotion of the poem. Well penned! : D

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Afzal Shauq 23 May 2010

a pictographic way of expression.. story type but in a very professional way written..poetic touches are found there..with dramatic way..a sweet and meaningful poem

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Muhammad Ali 12 May 2009

O! ! if man can love himself so that he may learn to love others.......... sensual! ! 10.. Ali

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Asim Satti 08 February 2007

this is a spiritual feast! Describing in the most lyrical and imaginative way the interconnectedness of all life beyond time and reality - 'the readiness is all'. I am also most impressed with the layout of this poem? Wonderful words. asim

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