All Time Reality Poem by Uzma Jamil

All Time Reality

Rating: 4.8

The motive of frankness,
Burst into a desert,
Thy eyes opened to see the swan,
Echoes, awes, all awakened,
I dreamt with the awakened eyes,
The thundersome gloomy gradual touch,
Of the brinkness of negritude,
Shockingly shook me the people,
I happen to see in nay number of time,
Time rose with all heights,
In the shivering movements.

The daughter of Eve was seen,
Crushed over by the bloody creatures,
I saw by and by in a snoring moments,
Peaceful hour of emotionless struggle,
Waxed images of thoughtfulness,
Voices heard of horrible visions,
Screamy thunders of blackened gaits.
Trembled valley with memory of nightmares,
Thus all seen as a murdered nightmare,
Awakened to be a reality,
True deeds with thornsome feelings,
I happened to see all deeds fair,
Of which origins murdered atmosphere,
All time truth, all time reality.

Abduhoo Salamath 14 August 2016

woooow, ...great feeling.

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Wow, Great expression and could feel the emotion of the poem. Well penned! : D

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Afzal Shauq 23 May 2010

a pictographic way of expression.. story type but in a very professional way written..poetic touches are found there..with dramatic way..a sweet and meaningful poem

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Muhammad Ali 12 May 2009

O! ! if man can love himself so that he may learn to love others.......... sensual! ! 10.. Ali

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Asim Satti 08 February 2007

this is a spiritual feast! Describing in the most lyrical and imaginative way the interconnectedness of all life beyond time and reality - 'the readiness is all'. I am also most impressed with the layout of this poem? Wonderful words. asim

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