V.Muthu Manickam

Veteran Poet - 1,682 Points (5th January / Peraiyur, Madurai District, India)

V.Muthu Manickam Poems

1. For Life, Love Is The Oasis! 3/17/2015
2. Love Is The Core! 3/18/2015
3. Getting Closeness Takes Ages! 3/18/2015
4. Only One! 3/19/2015
5. Birds Are Better To People! 3/28/2015
6. She Is The Mother! 3/29/2015
7. Why The Tree Sheds Leaf? 4/9/2015
8. Imagine If It Were Otherwise! 4/13/2015
9. Mirage Of The Mind! 4/14/2015
10. I Need You Now! 4/16/2015
11. Mother Is God Herself! 4/18/2015
12. Spouse Plus One To A House! 4/19/2015
13. Throne Of True Grace! 3/20/2015
14. World Is The Body He Lives! 3/21/2015
15. Be You! On Your Own! ! 3/22/2015
16. Pill Is Not The Panacea! 10/18/2015
17. Repetition Renders Reverence! 11/1/2015
18. The New Year Has Come! 12/31/2015
19. Bravery Is Customary! 1/8/2016
20. You Have When You Don't Have! 1/23/2016
21. Haunting Hallucination 2/7/2016
22. You Deserve No Honor! 4/14/2016
23. Designed To Delight! 4/23/2016
24. Mother Understands! 5/7/2016
25. Every Action Is Guided By Inborn Sense! 5/27/2016
26. He Has Risen! 6/29/2016
27. Belief And Faith Promotes! 7/2/2016
28. Power Of The Goddess! 8/23/2016
29. The Judge Of The Universe! 9/12/2016
30. Sat To Chat! 10/6/2016
31. Lovingly Lost! 12/14/2016
32. I Earned The Wrath Of The Cat 2/11/2017
33. Flower Flied! 2/26/2017
34. Laugh Enough! 3/24/2015
35. Sathya Sai Is The Salvation! 11/22/2015
36. Nothing Is More Powerful Than Love! 5/7/2017
37. From Form To Formless! 7/25/2017
38. Mother Knows Your Needs! 8/2/2017
39. Mother Molded Mahatma! 9/29/2017
40. Mother Of Mothers Mends! 11/21/2017

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Learn From A Tree!

When you pluck a flower, the tree remains silent
When you remove a leaf, it reposes to relent

When you climb over, it shields
When you sever a branch, it yields

When you harvest the fruits, it doesn’t demur
When you cut a portion, it doesn’t murmur

When you replant, it don’t quit
When you cut the whole tree, it is quiet

For the tree treats you, as its’ master!
So your needs, happily it does cater! !

By silence, it symbolizes surrender
It silently shows a noble order

The tree, to its’ master, contently admit
Like the tree, to your...

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I Shall Give All I Have!

When I gaze at you, you seemed to be far away
I never imagined, the love may slide my way!

Initially so much was spoken by our ‘eyes'
Memorable moment was when you said ‘yes'!

There was so much, I want to say
If written, shall become a good essay!

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