Vallerie Lobell

Vallerie Lobell Poems

1. Here Comes The Night 8/6/2006
2. The Tables May Turn (Resubmitted After Some Snafu) 9/12/2006
3. The Dawning Of Grief (In Remembrance) 9/13/2006
4. No Superstitious Me 9/14/2006
5. Sexual Side 9/25/2006
6. My Last Days? 10/2/2006
7. Day Day Gone Away 10/11/2006
8. Medicine Blues 10/13/2006
9. Onslaught Of Depression 12/6/2006
10. Beware The Rain 12/12/2006
11. Not The River In Between 1/15/2007
12. The Saddest Sight 7/7/2007
13. Which Is Worse 11/10/2007
14. Remember The Bad 11/19/2007
15. To Save You 12/5/2007
16. It Was July 10/8/2006
17. This Time I Didn'T Cry 1/6/2007
18. Read My Poems? ? ? 7/2/2007
19. Mama Didn'T Come 8/8/2006
20. The Card 8/14/2006
21. Remaining Recording Time 1/1/2008
22. Baby Grace 11/27/2007
23. Fishin Family 11/15/2007
24. Miss You Much (My Nephew) 8/29/2007
25. I Stopped And Smelled The Roses 4/27/2007
26. Happy Birthday Love 8/11/2007
27. Small Tribute To Crocodile Man 9/4/2006
28. Do You Like To See Zeros 9/20/2006
29. Only Fall 9/22/2006
30. Days End 9/24/2006
31. Boy Do I Need A Plan B.... 12/12/2006
32. How Do You Spell I Don'T Love You Anymore? 10/8/2006
33. Heart On The Mend 8/4/2006
34. Hiding From Memories 9/6/2006
35. Who Is This One? 10/12/2006
36. Beckon To Me 10/8/2006
37. Sure Love 9/12/2006
38. Never You 9/23/2006
39. Do Coroners Lie When Loved Ones Die? 7/24/2008
40. Wind Whispers 3/9/2007

Comments about Vallerie Lobell

  • Cecelia Warner (4/27/2007 5:44:00 AM)

    Love your poem, very beautiful. I know how you feel. My mom passed away recently and I feel exactly how your poem sounds. Thanks for sharing sorry for your pain. Sincerly, Cecelia

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  • Reinalie Jorolan (10/7/2006 3:22:00 AM)

    Good job girl...i know there's someone out there who knows what it takes to love but knows too what to ask of love and to refill ourselves with it.....keep it it.


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Best Poem of Vallerie Lobell

A Prayer

Help me hold on Lord,
Down on my knees,
Each day I sink lower,
Help me up, please,

Hear the 'groanings of my heart',
'Read my kidneys ' too,
Can't hold on by myself,
I really need You,

I want to dig a deep hole,
And lay down with the others,
More tired I've never been,
Miss my daughter, son, and mother,

I love those still with me,
But I do them no good,
How can I go on?
Help me if You would?

Don't want to be seen,
So depressed and downhearted,
Try to be the 'industrious' one,
Feel defeated before I have...

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Here Comes The Night

Another day has come and gone, I keep feeling something's wrong,
I worry too much, Jude, the boys, Mama and such,
But there's something lurking, I try to think but my mind's not working,
What's wrong with me I will never know, this is just how my life goes,

The house is quiet with no distractions, I wonder to what I am reacting,
I did not walk the field today, got no work done, why I can't say,
I spoke to my love which I was not doing, several times I started boo-hooing,
Why do I

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