Fooling The Boys Poem by Vallerie Lobell

Fooling The Boys

Rating: 4.4

Shhh, the boys think I'm in the tub,
Here I am again, doing what I love,
If they catch me they gonna fuss,
Momo spend some time with us,

Hehe....they didn't used have time for me,
The tables DO turn you see,
Before I stumbled onto this site,
I was alone most every night,

Now they notice Mama missing,
Who's butt now may need kissing?
I have to sneak to lose them now,
Serves em right anyhow,

Its funny to me NOW they know,
How they really need to show,
That they want my time and company,
Things will be better than they used to be,

They always had my full attention,
Tried to get theirs more times than I care to mention,
It's funny this is called a site,
It opened up eyes that were shut tight,

So after the homework, supper and baths,
We'll watch cartoons, have some laughs,
And be the way we should have been,
Before this site, way back when,

And as soon as I have them all tucked in,
I'll be back on, say o around 10,
And I will have the best of both worlds,
Ain't it funny how life unfurls?

Ernestine Northover 08 October 2006

Now this I like, a great read and a great write. Just my style. Loved it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Preeti - is here! 06 October 2006

This is such a fun poem, i agree this site is addictive, and the worst is when you have exams, u can't visit PH! Preets

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Cecil Hickman 29 September 2006

very well written and yes sometimes it tkes a temporary loss for some to learn what they are missing, well done a great story woven in your words of poetry, , , blessings....Cecil

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Brandy Kelly 29 September 2006

wow i really liked this poem... it made me laugh. it explains just how boys well great poem i cant wait to read more...

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Foster Blaine 26 September 2006

This site is like heroin isn't it? while all my coworkers are dicking around on myspace, they're always looking over at my screen saying 'what site are you on? '. it's better not to let them in on the secret... foster

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