Wild Bill Balding

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Of Welsh descent, Bill Thomas is currently a teacher of Religious Studies, History & Astronomy at Tewkesbury School in Gloucestershire, UK. As well as writing & performing poetry, in his spare time he takes pictures of postboxes & plays Subbuteo (flick-to-kick table soccer) . He is married, with two stepchildren & a permanent puzzled expression while trying to look for things that were there just a moment ago.

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Yvonne Rautenbach 16 July 2008

Strange but if anyone had asked me age 7 what I wanted to be I might have said 'a crayon' and I still tend to add an embellishment and a bit of colour to absolutely everything! I am not sure you liked the boy who wanted to be a crayon but I think he was possibly the one with the lateral thinking. What did he grow up to be? Thought provoking.

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The Best Poem Of Wild Bill Balding

Butterfly Child

hormonal soup
pulsing, congealing;
chrysalis carapace
throbbing, cracking;
unknown muscles
struggling, jerking
through paper jaws...
exhausted, immobile,
transformed, transfigured -
let me dry my wings.

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Wild Bill Balding Popularity

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