Zara O Poems

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In a home that don't feel like home for long
Tell the 'black' kid go back to where you came from, you don't belong

Now I'm home bound, and it's profound

Rose-Tinted Glasses

If I could turn back time
I'd do it all again

The bliss of my mind

Love Unjust

Intruding on my peaceful night
There's a thought of you that lingers in sight
Holding her pressed against you
It pains me to see you forget me

You're Not What I Want, So Why Do I Want You

You're not faithful
You're not loyal
A wondering eye
Turns to wandering hands

Sweet Release

What sweet release to drop the feeling bringing you to your knees

All hail the most high for I am finally free

I Am

Inside is a training ground
Where hypotheses are lost and found
Limits pushed and tested
Internally is where I'm invested

Scorpio Sun

Well damn, did I snitch on myself?
Told the world that I had something else?
Now you're hurrying trynna come back
But man I was happy sittin there in the back


I find too many places to close my eyes
Don't you mind what's on my mind
I'm super aware of the flow, but I
tend to stick to what I know

Parallel Lines

Parallel lines
So similar but we focus on the distance
Forcing us together could only create dissonance
A yearning to be together

Love's Tone

Golden soul
Love's last home
Resides in me
A love not shown

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