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In a home that don't feel like home for long
Tell the 'black' kid go back to where you came from, you don't belong

Now I'm home bound, and it's profound

If I could turn back time
I'd do it all again

The bliss of my mind

Intruding on my peaceful night
There's a thought of you that lingers in sight
Holding her pressed against you
It pains me to see you forget me

You're not faithful
You're not loyal
A wondering eye
Turns to wandering hands

What sweet release to drop the feeling bringing you to your knees

All hail the most high for I am finally free


Inside is a training ground
Where hypotheses are lost and found
Limits pushed and tested
Internally is where I'm invested

Well damn, did I snitch on myself?
Told the world that I had something else?
Now you're hurrying trynna come back
But man I was happy sittin there in the back

I find too many places to close my eyes
Don't you mind what's on my mind
I'm super aware of the flow, but I
tend to stick to what I know

Parallel lines
So similar but we focus on the distance
Forcing us together could only create dissonance
A yearning to be together

Golden soul
Love's last home
Resides in me
A love not shown

If I were you
I'd open my eyes
And look deep inside
Look past all the lies

Amidst the trees and babbling brooks,
Nature's healing power flows and looks.
A sanctuary for the weary soul,
Where the mind can finally feel whole.

Over the precipice
And out of the known
If you're all that's left
Who am I to say no


Had him confused for another


I'm colouring in the lines, giving each month it's shade. Capture the vibes in playlists and, sway.

You felt like home
Ripped the meat off my bones
Chucked me to the dogs
It was all that I'd known

I never shed a tear
Though my heart was crying
I never broke a sweat
Though inside I was dying

If love is real
Why does my heart race?
Leaving me uncomfortable

I've seen the future
And you're in it

It tasted of salt air

I am free
And soaring
Thriving and scoring
Loose and happy

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In a home that don't feel like home for long
Tell the 'black' kid go back to where you came from, you don't belong

Now I'm home bound, and it's profound
Cos I'm feeling like I'm
soon found in this hometown
that I'm told I'm missing

But I touch down and I soon found that nothings different
But they want me to stay
Say I'm different in my ways
…In my face
And there it is.

Earl said it best - I'm paraphrasing don't mind the mess
But ‘too black for the white kids, too white for the rest'

When I got on that plane I thought that I was going home
I was only 14 at the time, identity crisis to the dome

But luck found that it missed
And I found myself in the midst
There was something that everyone else had let slip

A home that no one race, tribe or person could own
A home I was confident that I could call my own
I love it just as life itself because she is what it is
Call her Gaia,
Call her nature,
Call her Earth,
call her what she is…

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Leave things as you found them. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. An eye for an eye. Treat people how you want to be treated. Those who say they can and those who say they can't are both right. Always repay your debts. The only person you can ever truly know is yourself. Forgiveness serves you. Help where you can. The obstacle becomes the way.

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