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Jhuk Jaa Ae Dil

Dil e muztarib kya hua Hai aaj Tujhe?
Sukoon ki talash MeiN Tu be Sukoon hogaya...

Jiske ke qurb meiN woh Sukoon Hai,

A Poet's Dream

In this beautiful world, there are so many hearts of gold..
Where love lives despite so many disputes that are untold...

All the creations of Lord are very special

Dad Oh Dad!

You are my role model!
You are my Hero!
For you have always been with me,
In the situations that were narrow..

Cherished Life

Have you also wondered like me?
How would have been a CHERISHED LIFE like?

I tried to imagine one,

My First Cake Bake!

I still remember the day when I baked my first ever cake 🎂...
I was very nervous and curious as if it were my very first date....

With all the ingredients in handy...

Aarifa Almas Quotes

16 April 2016

Liars shout to prove themselves right but truth is always silent yet powerful.

17 April 2016

There is a similarity between the heart and the mirror.Both show the face of the beholder, first one reveals the actual face and second one reveals the beautiful face.

17 April 2016

Friends if true are more precious and valuable than treasures...

17 April 2016

Love and let go to be loved back..

17 April 2016

Trust, Promise, Heart once broken won't be as before..

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Abduhoo Salamath 17 April 2016

ALMAS..! ! ! No wonder why your name is Almas.. Of course A diamond only can shape words so beautifully.. Your poems are extra ordinary.. All poems seems to come from the depth of your heart.. Beautiful writes by a beautiful heart that belongs to a beautiful name.. ?? ??????? ????? ????? ?? ??........ ??? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??? ???? ???.??? ??? ??? ???..????..

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Uzefa Rashida M.a 07 March 2016

Dear Aarifa welcome to poemhunter.com. Being a new poet your first poem itself has been marvellous. You do have the prowess to be a great poetess. Wish you All the best. May you write much great poetries.Your imagination is superb and the flow of words is elegant.

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Aarifa Almas Popularity