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Two hearts
I waited for you dear,
for you to come near.
I waited for you long,

Dry and yellow, the leaves when turn
They know that its time for them to return
They fall from the trees, right on the ground
Buried they get soon, never to be found.


Do I feel you in my senses
or don't I?

The flower blooms to spread its fragrance
You may learn to dispel ignorance.

The bird flies to search its bread

True beauty lies in the heart
that sings to the tunes of his mother
that dances at the joys of his neighbours
that loves to live as brothers.

One summer evening, the leaves dark and green
My heartfelt the music, that came from the trees
My eyes started searching, all through the green
Mild cool breeze blowing, swaying all the trees.

A small little bee
sat upon my knee
to gather my attention
of her presence.


Down with fever
was my love forever
my eyes all over
on my child with fever.

Rise my child rise,
As the rising Sun tells you.

Wake-up, with your eyes open

Sweet are the days of our past,
That in our memory ever last.
Bound are they ever in our mind,
Our loved ones and their words kind.

Kuch lamhe saath unke, kya guzaare
kayi raat aankhoN hi aankhoN me guzaare
Na din me chain na raaton me rahat
Unke deedar ki chahat me har pal guzaare


Come let's wait for the day to break,
Birds to sing and a night to dawn,
Let's hope to see a bright new day,
Fill sweet smell on a sweet fine morn.

Hear my prayers my lord
O My Creator! Bless me,
Give endurance to my patience.
O Almighty! Bless me,


Deep breaths and some peace must
both body and mind are in complete rest
sleep is sweet pleasure known best
to keep away all the blues and test.

Water so sweet and essential
is always so loving and humble
preaches us to lead a life simple
goes on and on even if it tumbles.

Crimson and yellow the sky was
sweet smelling of greens the breeze was
sleeping soundly on my bed I was.

Stop once, stop again
Think twice, think for a while
What are we doing with our life
Are we living it worthwhile?

Love thy Neighbour, Love thy God.

Love the poor, Love the lord.

Make yourself all smiles
Keep your worries away for a while
Try Bringing all smiles
On faces worried and tensed.

Uzefa Rashida M.A Biography

Born in a small town of Pernambut, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. I had my schooling in Mumbai. I got married and settled after my High School in Ambur, Tamil Nadu. My husband wanted me to continue my education. I did my Graduation and Post Graduation from the Institute of Distance Education, University of Madras.I worked as a school teacher. I passed SET in 2012 and am now an Assistant Professor of English at Mazharul Uloom College, Ambur. I have always written poems from my childhood and the world around me is my muse that makes me write poems. I dont need a specific time or place to write a poem anywhere and anything prompts me and I immediately jot down what i feel and Lo! I got a platform here to express myself to the world. thanks to

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Two Hearts

Two hearts
I waited for you dear,
for you to come near.
I waited for you long,
for you to sing a song.
What maketh you so dull?
What maketh you to cry?
Why don't you come to me,
to share with me my joy?
I often wondered why,
You never ever smile,
What makes you shed a tear?
What is that you fear?
Weakened is your heart,
burdened with your sorrow.
Could you lend me some
if I would like to borrow?

You waited for me dear,
I too wanted to be near,
I want to sing a song,
but don't know what I long.
I do, feel your joy
your joy makes me cry,
my sorrows may lessen your cheer
that is what I fear.
I do want to smile,
When my loved ones are near
but always shed my tear
when a brilliant laugh I hear.
Strengthened is my heart
unburdened are my sorrows,
your little words of love
has made the distance narrow.

Come to me my love
Hold my hands in yours
for I want to enjoy the moment
forever being yours.

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Yaser Arafath 03 November 2018

I like poems.lns

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Aarifa Almas 14 March 2016

A very poetic professor will be the best title for you my sweet sister.. U have shared ur experiences very beautifully in all ur poems.. Loved them.. Heartiest congratulations.. Keep writing.. Keep sharing..

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Aarzoo Mehek 24 February 2016

Uzefa a warm hearted lady with a child like heart, so full of life and love MashAllaah. Just be the way you are loving and caring. Her poems speaks her heart, there is innocence love and life in her poems. May Allaah SWT shower all the happiness and good luck. Stay blessed my friend [3

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Uzefa Rashida M.A Quotes

Words playful make your thoughts played well and paid well

Great minds have great ways to understand the lessons life teaches

The submission to the will of the creator will always keep you happy and content.

Morals are learnt and followed when life gives you everything you desire, its hard to keep up your morals when life deprives you of even food and clothing and a decent living.

Don't be rude to anyone, behold your tongue cause your own impolite words would stab your back someday.

Beauty that is a creation in the form of a woman created by the Great Creator of all beings.

Like dawn, Hope brings light to our confidence and motivates us to seek success.

Poets great or small, have got to speak a lot, from experiences and failures, they do give us a lesson everyday.

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