Abby Sze Poems

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Strawberry Field

Looking at the old photos and yours spotted my eyes

I thought I'm fine but then there's the nostalgia spreading in my chest

We Are Not Alone

Singing, a song of loneliness
From a beat to a pitch
To rhyme Shall never be reached.

The Dark Force

I am the force in the darkness,
I control the movement of the night.
Close your eyes,
Feel my existence running in veins.

Searching For Myself

Searching for myself
Who I really am
When the fear is standing in front
Dampened the fire in my heart


The world is falling apart in front of me
It crumbles and torn apart atomically
Where time does not exist and space is just an illusion
And I am living in the multiple dreams of Gods

Sendimental Fool

What am I as to wait.
What am I as to sink.
I chase after the sun,
Thinking I am catching the light.

Poem To A Friend

Tomorrow is a journey,
And everyone get a journey to go.
Are you ready?

Time Of My Life

I think I
Can see the grey sky covering by thundercloud
The dazzling lightning along with storm bombard
The raindrops falling high from heaven in slow motion to rocks


Laying on the coach of a lazy sunny afternoon
Nobody's at home and no one's calling my phone
Having a Coke Zero sitting besides the tea table
I'm listening to the sounds of the restless world

I Got Tripped Over By A Rock Today

Marching along the mountain
Magnificent route along the tree living for thousands year
Along pounding river splashing till the end of ocean
I got a map guiding through the maze of life

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