Quietness Poem by Abby Sze


Laying on the coach of a lazy sunny afternoon
Nobody's at home and no one's calling my phone
Having a Coke Zero sitting besides the tea table
I'm listening to the sounds of the restless world

The sound of the sun shines accompany with breeze
Brightening the green bushes of forest that's reflecting to me
My soul's melting along the wind
My soul's flowing like dandelion that the air is supporting me soaring
My soul's sending a vibe to you
A vibe to connect between Mother Earth decomposing my dreams

Who's talking down the stairs
The neighbour coming back from shopping
The cars shooing until it fades
Everyone is busy at their parallel time frame
While my time is frozen right at 2: 25
Frozen time because time is a concept
What's the rush we exist forever

And the tranquility filled every corner of my living room
Though my monkey mind is busy making noise
But once in a while neglecting these crazy perspective is okay
Because perspective is not a fact and you can make a change
Sinking in along my thought is going wild
I open my Coke Zero and the zizzaling breaks the silence

Friday, October 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: laziness,time
i have been so busy and stressful for 2020 and haven't got any break for the whole year. today i finally got a decent real break and i just do nothing at home. i was laying on couch daydreaming and listening to the background noise and this poem just pop up. and i love it cuz its so spontaneous i written within 10 mins.
Mahtab Bangalee 02 October 2020

And the tranquility filled every corner of my living room Though my monkey mind is busy making noise..... Busy life gets ease in the 10 mins poetic spontaneity..... Great

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Deluke Muwanigwa 02 October 2020

A nice crazy lazy sazzy poem of relaxation. There is poem for every situation and its good to see you know that

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