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Looking at the old photos and yours spotted my eyes

I thought I'm fine but then there's the nostalgia spreading in my chest

Singing, a song of loneliness
From a beat to a pitch
To rhyme Shall never be reached.

I am the force in the darkness,
I control the movement of the night.
Close your eyes,
Feel my existence running in veins.

Searching for myself
Who I really am
When the fear is standing in front
Dampened the fire in my heart

The world is falling apart in front of me
It crumbles and torn apart atomically
Where time does not exist and space is just an illusion
And I am living in the multiple dreams of Gods

What am I as to wait.
What am I as to sink.
I chase after the sun,
Thinking I am catching the light.

Tomorrow is a journey,
And everyone get a journey to go.
Are you ready?

I think I
Can see the grey sky covering by thundercloud
The dazzling lightning along with storm bombard
The raindrops falling high from heaven in slow motion to rocks

Laying on the coach of a lazy sunny afternoon
Nobody's at home and no one's calling my phone
Having a Coke Zero sitting besides the tea table
I'm listening to the sounds of the restless world

Marching along the mountain
Magnificent route along the tree living for thousands year
Along pounding river splashing till the end of ocean
I got a map guiding through the maze of life

I think
You are talking too much tonight.
You have given this world
Enough loud buzzing sound.

How wide is your vision.
How big is this world to you.
A land full of mystery or
A dust in universe.

Some people used to look down at you,
Maybe you are young,
Just a kid,
You've got nothing for them to respect,

Try to scare me,
But as Eminem said,
I am not afraid,
To take a stand.

Lalala walking on my own,
On the overcrowded street
Full of people but I am alone.

You said you hate it,
The evilness makes you sick,
Bringing here some sort of bad luck.

In the crowd, head to head align,
A great Marathon is about to start.
What it matters not about the run,
Take a picture,

talking about best time,
Is Someone bought a small gift,
Not on your birthday,
Telling you,

I feel like a cockroach,
Hiding in the dark.
I easily get scared
My heart pumps out

Once believed in God,
Thought this world is kind of nice:
Like the nature,
How breeze soothing the cheek,

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Strawberry Field

Looking at the old photos and yours spotted my eyes

I thought I'm fine but then there's the nostalgia spreading in my chest

The freckles on your left chins that you always wanted to get them away

And the bright eyes with a bitter smile

That I helped you photoed it in the strawberry field

It was ten years ago when I took this picture

Flashing back to 2020 and I wish you are here

We can still spend our times like old days

Singing those rock band songs like No Use For A Name

Sitting on the coach for the whole afternoon eating tons of sunflower seeds

Which I no longer eat it because I only want it with you

I didn't expect to see your photo tonight

But it jumped up right through my pupils

I only kept this photo in my phone

Because the fear of forgetting you is swallowing me

At the same time I fear of remembering you and those imaginary knife will stab at my heart

I hate myself why I was such a mess back in those years

If I'm tough enough maybe I can save you

Now I can only look at this photo if I ever wish you are here

That one you are smiling under the sunny strawberry field

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