I Got Tripped Over By A Rock Today Poem by Abby Sze

I Got Tripped Over By A Rock Today

Rating: 4.5

Marching along the mountain
Magnificent route along the tree living for thousands year
Along pounding river splashing till the end of ocean
I got a map guiding through the maze of life
Of which spirits from high above delivered
No rest taken I put forward step fellow by step
Sun rises and the moon hides
For three years until I got tripped over by a rock on my path

I got tripped over by this rock
Out of my expectations nothing would I foresee
Hidden under the darkness my eyes barely sees
Smally tilted rock in the middle of the way
Tripped over the whole body fell down hard

I gotta stop
I got tripped over by this rock
Knees and hands with blood

The frustration pumps spreading all over
Fear flowing out of eyes down the face
Nose breathing in all the disappointments in the atmosphere

This rock really tripped me hard
But in my twenties' life threw rocks at my face non stop
Still I survived and one by one I picked up those rocks
I am so much stronger now
Ups and downs I'll equally accept

So today I got tripped over by a rock
It's okay I still stand up

LeeAnn Azzopardi 27 December 2022

Abby Are still hiking that trail? Please be more careful Bravo! ! !

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David Wood 27 December 2022

Life is like that, you have to pick yr self up and carry on. Good poem gets 5*

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