Untitled Poem by Abby Sze


The world is falling apart in front of me
It crumbles and torn apart atomically
Where time does not exist and space is just an illusion
And I am living in the multiple dreams of Gods
And I am living in various forms at parallel universe

The galaxies are diminishing in front of me
I saw it exploding in fire silently and reshaping in a blink of my eyes
The fire balls shooting towards my forehead and vanishing and absorbed as I open my eye
When my eye sees what I want to see
And when I want to see it I created it
That the galaxies are nothing but sending me a vibe
Which the vibe is given off from my soul
As I connect with it I becomes the galaxies

The universe is expanding and compressing in front of me
It is showing to me the process of death and birth
Presenting to my mind how it feels like in pain or pure joy
Delicate to my higher self the struggle when getting lost as a soul
The journey to aware and remember my true self
That I am as negligible as a dust
And as infinite as the one

Sunday, October 18, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: universe
I wrote this poem but at the same time I don't think it's me writing it...
I'm just letting something out and I'm just the one who type it..
this poem is kind of unconventional what I usually write.. but I have to let it out because the first sentence is stucking in my mind for whole days and urges me to let it out...
so I'll say... I'm the one type it, something else created it...
Jazib Kamalvi 18 October 2020

Write comment. Such a nice poem, Abby Sze. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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Denis Mair 18 October 2020

Why do humans feel driven to visualize their existence within a huge totality? The scope of our existence depends on our plane of attainment. Human life is a vulnerable flame, sometimes leaping up and sometimes guttering. It's wonderful to see your words. I fondly remember your hospitality.

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Kostas Lagos 18 October 2020

This is a unique masterpiece!

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