Abdulrazak Aralimatti Poems

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In Search Of Integrity.

O! my self! poor self! ,
What do you crave for?
Don't you know?
The gifts of God lie,

A Tribute To My Master

In the first decade of 21st century,
I worked under a fine jury.
One of the wisest scholar of the city,
With patience, compassion and humility.

Your Day

In the name of God, start your day,
Neat and tidy mark your way.
Melodiously utter your words,
Like the chirping of birds.

Poems Written In Heaven.

Many a bards unknown,
Many a poets unsung,
Wrote poems in praise,
Of their Lord,

My Child

Zakiya, my dear daughter,
Pleases me with loud laughter.
She ascended from high heaven,
On February seven.

On Children's Day.

On the children's day,
To the Lord I pray.
May God bless,
To one and all success.

O! Poets!

O! Poets! , the custodians of the truthful race,
Explore the field of virtue and grace.

Possessives are not used for better words of praise,

What's Mine?

What's mine?
Let me define.
Is it my looks?
But its God's fabrication.

The Immoral Days

In guilt, I recall my immoral days,
The days spent in insensible ways.
Down into the bottom of hell,
My thoughts did fell.

Recovery From Illness

Oh! What a great ecstasy and joy,
After a long misery and cry.
My soul was long attacked,
As it sobriety lacked.

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