Awesomeness Of Life Poem by Abhishek Mishra

Awesomeness Of Life

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Life is awesome
thinking of its beauty always makes me smile
live it with contentment and a little fun
and surely you will realize
Life is awesome
we all have chance to live it only once
so why not we help others and make it worth
why are we making it so complicated and troublesome
think a little and you will realize
Life is awesome

Ellen Mendez 30 September 2013

:) why are you making it so complicated and troublesome, think a little and you will realize life is awesome - yah so true, very nice i' invite you to read my poem 'the life'

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Patricia Grantham 23 September 2013

Life is great. Let us all enjoy it to the fullest and treat others with respect and dignity.The world would be a much better place to live in. You write with such inspiration and uplift. I really enjoy your writes. Keep penning with joy!

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Farah Ilyas 21 June 2013

Yeah life is awesome with all of its beauty, pain, grief, miseries & happiness...well penned, good message to share

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Cool Soubai 10 June 2013

that's true dear poet.Life is awsome! ! Thanks for sharing

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