Adryan Barnathan

Adryan Barnathan Poems

1. Ornery 2/21/2005
2. Growing Pains 10/14/2004
3. Music History 10/12/2004
4. Queasy 11/6/2004
5. Rethinking Merits 2/12/2005
6. I Feel 12/17/2005
7. Procreation 12/19/2005
8. Moca Java 3/15/2005
9. Night Sky 10/1/2004
10. Incredible Lightness Of Being 10/21/2004
11. The Law Of Opposition 10/22/2004
12. Shadows 10/2/2004
13. Defiantly Yours 10/4/2004
14. Strands Of Life 1/22/2005
15. Winter 11/11/2004
16. Hummingbird 2/27/2006
17. From A Wool-Basket 5/9/2006
18. Earth Bound 7/13/2006
19. New York; A State Of Being 3/2/2008
20. Sister 4/12/2008
21. Bicycle Cowboy 9/19/2008
22. Funeral For A Friend 12/27/2008
23. Lamenting 4/29/2009
24. Bohemian Oasis 12/18/2009
25. The Back Road 10/1/2004
26. Let Mother Nature Create Her Own Disasters 10/8/2004
27. Reflective 10/21/2004
28. Into Focus 10/22/2004
29. Friend Of The Devil 10/22/2004
30. Illusionary Attraction 10/22/2004
31. In The Line Of Fire 11/9/2004
32. Night Climbing 11/24/2004
33. Rebellious! 1/16/2005
34. The Heavy Beating Of Wings 3/31/2005
35. The Awakening 6/16/2005
36. The Storm Of Life 6/19/2005
37. People Spheres 6/19/2005
38. Laundry 7/2/2005
39. The Myth Maker.... 7/2/2005
40. Healing 101 4/5/2006

Comments about Adryan Barnathan

  • Theodora Onken (9/15/2005 12:43:00 AM)

    Great stuff as usuaual! You don't seem to be writing as much as you once did. Hope that it is not the dreaded writer block...I love your work!
    Theodora Onken

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  • earyt etr (6/2/2005 5:12:00 PM)

    I would like to thank you, Addrienne, for writing here. I have learned new things from your poetry. I am deeply amazed at the depth of your poetry, and even now am striving to acheive it with my own poetry. I have but one question, at least one answerable one, anyway. How do you get the Copyright on your poems? I would like to know, if you will please message me. Thank you! !

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  • Amberlee Carter (3/25/2005 1:28:00 PM)

    Adrienne Barnathan writes poetry as it should be, raw, charged and packed with imagery to move the human heart.
    By far one of the best poets on Poem Hunter.

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  • Darrell Rohling (11/27/2004 9:14:00 PM)

    I just read three of your poems for the first time. Very cool! I felt nostalgia rise in me as I did, in the simple sublimity of the images you create. I look forward to reading more...thanks.


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  • Lenchen Elf (11/27/2004 7:44:00 PM)

    Hello Adrienne
    I've just come to explore your work, I love the diversity and expressiveness, very enjoyable indeed.
    all the best

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  • Robert Rorabeck (11/17/2004 8:20:00 PM)


    I just read close to 40 of your poems- i loved many of them and left a lot of comments- i really appreciate your comments on my own stuff- its pretty cool to have someone living in australia read your stuff. Your poems are great- many created new images and senses for me, which is the very most i can get from poetry. i hope you keep writing madly.


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Best Poem of Adryan Barnathan

A Feeling For Snow

seemingly dancing
on blank snow,
flecks illuminate light
generating warmth
in the hearth
of one's life stone
where fiery coal burns
mined by a harbinger
holding the breath
of one's own body and soul-
riding on currents of
rebirth, in winter

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Sunday's Child

Sunday's child is always praying
for the right thing to come
what she can't see, is the truth
inside of her
not something else

Sunday's child is always praying
for someone else to come
what she can't see, is the source

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