A Poem For You

Rating: 3.6

What can I say
to erase the wilt
I cause within
your heart
that beats
for mine
and only wants
to be freed
not entangled
in this snarly vine
What can I say
to take it all away?

Except, I love you

Rakesh Jaddu 29 November 2005

heartfelt! ! ! engrossing...in just a few lines! ! !

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Raynette Eitel 17 September 2005

This poem wrapped itself around my heart like honeysuckle vines. So lovely and so true. Raynette

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Don Stratford 14 September 2005

Three words 'I love you' said with real meaning says it all - well done Don S

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Max Reif 23 August 2005

I showed this to my wife, it related to a conversation we just had. My wife says hi!

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Anjana Aravind 19 August 2005

This is a very nice poem Adrienne.Welldone.

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Dr Antony Theodore 30 October 2018

that beats for mine and only wants to be freed....entangled.. except i love you...... fine expressions..... a fine love poem. tony

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Ramesh Rai 30 June 2014

Beautiful words inlaid with nice feelings.

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I think you just said it. Your pieces are entrancing.

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Ali Hasan 20 May 2006

Those three words, Are so hard for me to say… Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to use them some day… => Ali

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Elya Thorn 01 February 2006

Very beautiful.. ~~Elya Thorn~~

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