Power Poems: 62 / 500

- Black Elk Speaks

Rating: 2.8

The power of the world
always works in circles.
The sky is round,
and I have heard
the earth is round
like a ball,
and so are all the stars.
The wind,
in its greatest power, whirls.
Birds make their nests
in circles,
for theirs is the same religion as ours.
The sun
comes forth and goes down
in a circle
The moon does the same.
And both always come back
to where they were.
The life of man is a circle
from childhood to childhood.
And so it is in everything
where power moves.'

Angela Barker 13 September 2007

Black elk speaks beautiful truths that drift into the readers soul.

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Aisha Sherazi 16 May 2006

I see this with beautiful illustrations in a children's book, typed in circles. Hello? Any publishers out there? Get a move on please! It was lovely Adrienne, really well done. Peace, Aisha

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Ulrike Gerbig 10 May 2006

this...really is...very beautiful...very native american and very deep. u. (who loves u2)

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Goldy Locks 04 May 2006

The Circle is Unbroken (great song) by Phil Ochs? i think? anyway, enjoyed this one, i think we need more all-encompassing poems such as these. best care, Sus.

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