A Word To The Wise Poem by Adryan Barnathan

A Word To The Wise

Rating: 3.3

All wise men, within this world
need not say, a single word
because they, are like you and me

Tall and proud, they appear to be
but not in actuality, because they
are afraid, just like you and me

They have found, the golden key
to the universal mystery
and yet they,
are like you and me

We all weave, a web in life
we are all a strand
building all our lives
in the air (in the air)

All that's good, is within your heart
you can lead your life, from that very spot
if you want (that's if you dare)

All wise men, within this world
bleed and cry, just like you and I
they are, only human

Angela Barker 13 September 2007

Wonderful insight. Humanity and fallibility in all even the most wise is inevitable.

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Brian Dorn 29 April 2006

Adrienne, a very WISE poem! Yes, we are all 'only human', thanks for the reminder... great write! Brian

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Timothy Werner 23 November 2004

Adrienne very profound. i think I'll take up weaving. Now that i have found a great Barnathan reading. Inspirational! ! I love it.

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