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Albert Martin Poems

1. The Undertaker 8/27/2013
2. Does This Road End Up In The South? 8/27/2013
3. Odyssey 5/11/2013
4. The Teacher, The Big Bird & Time 9/23/2013
5. Evening In Fort Worth, July The 5th 1976 2/8/2014
6. Trapped 3/28/2014
7. Fire In The Air 5/8/2013
8. Deadly Road 5/10/2013
9. Mysterious Walking And Dancing Lady 6/5/2014
10. News About Home 4/1/2015
11. Rural Scene Of Love 4/16/2015
12. Old Yamato 4/29/2015
13. Sinners Once Now The Penitents 5/6/2015
14. A Journey 5/18/2015
15. Believer's Soliloquy 5/18/2015
16. The Pearl Is Now 6/2/2015
17. The Cloud Over The Mountain 6/2/2015
18. In Cheyenne Territory 6/10/2015
19. The Prominent Pupil 7/6/2015
20. Our Warrior 7/6/2015
21. Precious Love 7/6/2015
22. Stop Suffering 7/29/2015
23. Poor Children 7/29/2015
24. Death In Bed 7/29/2015
25. The Runaways 7/29/2015
26. The Loss 8/4/2015
27. If The Waters Came Abroad 8/4/2015
28. Black Night On The Vast Sands 8/4/2015
29. Ancient Couple Final 8/10/2015
30. Full Moon Above The Old Man And The Wolf 8/10/2015
31. Flora Fauna Love 8/14/2015
32. Wild Old Grandpa 8/14/2015
33. Beyond Death 10/7/2015
34. Unquiet Well-Intentioned Boyfriend 10/7/2015
35. Chrome Mind The Bird My Indian Friend 10/7/2015
36. A Woman's Heart 10/8/2015
37. Solitude And Silence In The Plain 10/22/2015
38. All Those Ancient Trees Sorrounded Home 7/23/2014
39. Rural Hiding Raper 7/26/2014
40. Demons In My Path 8/22/2014

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Best Poem of Albert Martin

Shotting Stars

She got lost
Looking for shotting stars
Now I know
I don't own her no more

Now I walk
Neath them late lonesome skies
I don't know
If I'm looking for someone

Such is my confusion
Almost a disease
The end of the road
Just an illusion
It does point to south
And never never never cease

I'm wondering
If she knows about her bound
And if it's that which she looks for
Someday able to be found

Ah the crow came in the evening
It began to cry so loud
'Just forget her. Let her be.
Let the road it take her down'.

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Deadly Road

When the evening came
They were few
Though they'd been a lot in the morning
That morn was already old
When the food came to its end
And some of them
Started weeping and moaning
Another one was starting wondering
What else the evening it could be bringing.

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