Albert Wong

Rookie (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

Albert Wong Poems

1. The Rich Peoples Game. 5/23/2007
2. Human Life. 5/28/2007
3. Confusion On Poetry. 5/30/2007
4. My Wife. 5/30/2007
5. My Arrival. 5/30/2007
6. True Love Was Broken. 5/30/2007
7. Song Of Sleepy. 5/30/2007
8. Better Sleep. 5/30/2007
9. The Peonies. 5/24/2007
10. Look Scenery On Homes Balcony. 6/2/2007
11. No Name Guy. 6/3/2007
12. The World Of Bloggers. 6/3/2007
13. The Cancer. 6/3/2007
14. Great Is Reflected In Darkness. 6/4/2007
15. My Friend Is Unimaginable Great. 6/4/2007
16. Young Poets Should Stand Up. 6/4/2007
17. Who Knows Parents Great? 6/4/2007
18. My Garden. 6/4/2007
19. The Night Curtain Falls Down. 6/4/2007
20. My Taste Of Life 6/5/2007
21. Happy Swing. 6/7/2007
22. A Summer Silent Night. 6/8/2007
23. The World Is Not So Fair. 6/8/2007
24. Lake Side Crane. 6/8/2007
25. My Grand Fathers True Love. 6/8/2007
26. Sun Rises Friendly High. 6/9/2007
27. Time Passes Quietly Not To See. 6/9/2007
28. Enjoy Ourselves Reasonably In Life 6/10/2007
29. Sun's Glory. 6/10/2007
30. My Life. 8/17/2008
31. Poem Soul. 6/2/2007
32. Haiku - Love 8/22/2008
33. Song Of The Migration 8/24/2008
34. The Lost Nature. 8/25/2008
35. The China Quake Ghosts 8/27/2008
36. Days Of Retired. 8/28/2008
37. After Battles Of Voting Games 8/28/2008
38. An Unforgetable Hiking At Evening 8/28/2008
39. Chinese Style Olympia 2008 8/29/2008
40. In This Circle 9/1/2008

Comments about Albert Wong

  • Albert C Wong (10/20/2014 3:20:00 PM)

    After so many years, I still do not forget such the critical from Fairy Heart about my poem Absence of Roses, that is ver true a good suggestion!

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  • Fairytale Heart (12/6/2007 8:20:00 AM)

    RE: Absence of Roses

    'Delicious' was used because that was how they smelt.
    When I wrote 'red or pink' I was describing the roses, when at the end I used 'blue' I was describing my eyes.
    I also used the colours as symbols of happiness/love (red, pink) and sadness (blue) .

    Hope that helps.

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Best Poem of Albert Wong

A Beautiful Lady.

She appeared like a blaze.
Moved from the West to East.
I could only stand far survey.
My heart felt her cool face.

I thought in love was too late.
Closer heard her voice ringing;
her face as white as pale jade;
her hands were gently soft.

She touched me make my heart jumping;
her lips moved gently with pink shines.
Why I could not control my heart calm?
Her charming figure caused me shy.

Nearly could not speak wise words.
My mind was so distraught when stood closer.

Read the full of A Beautiful Lady.

Yellow And Red Sunset.

The clouds look like burning yellow and red,
They seem are being loaded down to earth.
Sea and hills are reflect with same colors.
What a wonderful picture is in my eyes!

Before the dark night screen to cover up,
Let me see beautiful clouds in the sky.
It is impossible to see in a full day light,
The colors are going to fade away slowly.

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