A Year Without Your Light (To Mom) Poem by Alex Gomez

A Year Without Your Light (To Mom)

Rating: 2.4

The vastness of space,
The endlessness of time,
The depth of my heart,
The complexity of my mind,
Even the dimensions beyond
All radiated with your light.

You were the sun,
We were the planets,
Orbiting around you
While you were the epicenter
Of our lives.

Your light sustained our existence.
Your smile brightly illuminated the darkness.
When pressed to the grind,
You would scintillate brilliantly,
Outshining all.

One year ago,
Temporal and spatial movement ceased,
The world turned gray,
Heaven opened its gates,
Celestials greeted you,
Reality disconnected.

The sun burst into a supernova,
Distorting the planets’ orbits,
Leaving a monstrous black hole
Where my heart should’ve been.

The next time I laid eyes upon your body,
I saw no dazzling glow
Dominating your semblance,
Rather a pale, motionless shell.

The foundation of our structure,
Your departure crumpled our family.
Senseless arguing,
Bitter bickering,
Unneeded turmoil.

As we peered past the horizon,
A bright beacon was visible.
Your light was still shining.

We are rejuvenating from the wound,
We are recovering from the loss,
We are leaving the tragedy behind,
But never forgetting.

Within the ghostly mist of unknown,
Your light guides us to a hopeful future.

Melissa Marks 17 October 2009

wow that was beautiful....

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Deborah Cromer 27 June 2009

I love how you kept the light. You showed the pain but entered the healing and going forward. You put alot into this poem with only a few words. Good writing. Not only a good poem, but a good message too. Well done. Deborah Cromer

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Jathin Aka Jesuzz 06 April 2009

a deeply moving poem...i really empathize wit it..great write...check out ' when my mom cries ' by me...think its on the same lines....

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Stephen Black 23 March 2009

A-MA-ZING! ! ! WOWZA! ! ! (My teacher says that a lot)

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