Alfredo Parra

Alfredo Parra Poems

1. Awaiting The Inevitable 12/27/2008
2. In The Event Of My Demise 1/14/2009
3. Writing All Wrongs 3/29/2009
4. To My Unborn (In Case I Dont Make It) 3/30/2009
5. Heavens Waiting List 4/9/2009
6. I Wish I Could Forget 4/9/2009
7. Sometimes I Feel 4/17/2009
8. Running Through The Yellow 4/22/2009
9. Perfection 4/23/2009
10. Losing My Way 10/6/2009
11. The Garden Of Flowers 10/12/2009
12. The Unprecedented Loss Of A Smile 11/14/2009
13. The Teacher 11/14/2009
14. A Very Thin Line 11/14/2009
15. Against All Odds 11/14/2009
16. My Guide 11/14/2009
17. Captivation 11/14/2009
18. When Living Is Harder Than Dying 4/17/2009
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When Living Is Harder Than Dying

As Times Do Change
And I Grow Older
The Wieght Of The World
Builds Up On My Shoulders

I Cannot Go Any Further
I've Reached My Limit
The Devil Has Pushed Me
And I'm Starting To Give In

If Stress Leads To Death
And Tension To Depression
Where Will I Be Left
Is The Question I've Dealt With

I've Suffered All My Life
Do Not Judge Me If I Stop Trying
Although It Isnt Right
Sometimes Living Is Harder Than Dying

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Writing All Wrongs

As The World Stops Trying
Replying Its Hard, I Tried My Best
I Realize That Ignorance
Is A Major Obstacle Towards Success

We Complain Day To Day
That Theres Not Enough Time For Ourselfs
But In Actuality, If God Gave Us Anything,
Its Time Itself

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