Ali Alqadir Poems

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Yesterday I Was Walking Alone On The Road

Yesterday I was walking alone on the road
I was listening to the car noise
& between the car lights I was seeing your face
Your picture it's shadow in the dark

“how Can I Sleep Honey & I Left You Lonely & Sad Today”

-How can I have a nap or I could sleep and I left you lonely and sad today because of a tiny thing.
How can I make you sad and I am all to you from my birthday
How can I wait the morning to come to see you again to have your forgive
I will stand on my knees in front of you asking you to forgive me

I Love You Blind

I love you blind
But I do not know why I love you
I fell in love from the day that knew you when
I do not know where you came from

I Do Not Only Loving You

I do not only loving you
I'm dying on you honey
I'm dying on your romantic love
Only my god know how much I'm loving you from whole my white romantic heart

I Have Chosen You From Among The Beautiful

I have chosen you from among the beautiful

I paid for my life to meet you

Please My Lovely Lady Don'T Leave Lonely

Oh my dare
It's very long time you sent letter for me
Why you are keeping yourself silent in front of me
My dear let me know if you want me

I Forgave All My Heart I Forgave

I forgave all my heart I forgave

In front of my eyes seen you shine with others

((I Love You All))

I love you all
I love your wide green eyes
I love your long black hair
I love the warmth of your smile

-((Letter For My Lovely Beauty Lady)) -

Dear My Darling.

I Remembered You Again Yesterday & I Need You By Force This Time…….

I Love You With All My Heart

I love you with all my heart, O My Fair Lady
I will put a red rose flower every day
On the edge of the wall of your palace decorated with diamonds
I will write poems to you madam wonderful until the day I die

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