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1. Drama Mommas 11/17/2007
2. To All My Girls 11/17/2007
3. Your My Dad 11/17/2007
4. I Love You 11/17/2007
5. Im Not You 11/17/2007
6. My Father 11/17/2007
7. Do You Know 11/17/2007
8. The World Today 11/17/2007
9. Life Will Always Be The Same 11/17/2007
10. Lookin For The One 11/17/2007
11. Low-Down Dirty Dogs 11/17/2007
12. A Typical Male 11/17/2007
13. Showstoppers 11/18/2007
14. You Gotta Long Way To Go 11/18/2007
15. Only God Can Judge Me 11/17/2007
16. Promise Rings Dont Mean A Thing 11/16/2007
17. I'Ll Treat You Good 11/17/2007
18. Life's A Bytch 11/17/2007
19. You Hold The Key To My Heart 11/18/2007
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You Hold The Key To My Heart

i was in a relationship for along time
untill the boy broke my heart and made me cry
after that i put my heart in a box and locked it with a key
then i threw the key so far that not even i could see
i told myself that i would never fall for anybody ever again
cause every boy is the same and they'll break my heart like the boy did back then
many guys searched for the key but it was impossible to find
but then you entered my life, held you hand out, and the key was inside
then you unlocked the box and on my forehead you gave me a kiss
then you whispered in my ear... ...

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Lookin For The One

im not lookin for them games, im lookin for the one
not someone who only wants me for my looks or cause he wants some
im lookin for a real man not a little boy
im tyred of playin games and always bein the toy
i need someone who likes me for who i am
so boys its time to step your game up and be the bigger man
i know some girls dont make it easy... temptation is a mutha fucka
but wouldnt you want someone who'll always be there rather then juss someone under the covers
i want someone who i

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