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Where does the sadness go when we shun it?
When we destroy it
When we concede every heartache and tears
Melancholic smiles we hide and never show

Pinks And Blues

Hydrated by the nourishment you provided
A short sweet moment of bliss
A smile that ended the moment of unity
Of throbbing hearts and souls

Ode To The Broken Vow

Waited for long
Where are you?
When will you be back?
When will I stop waiting?


It’s been so long
How have you been?
Who have you been seeing?

When It Does No Feel Right

The years are marked with your beatings
tears still rembered as pain streams down the face
thought it was forgoten but still it was remebered
now it wishes you were gone

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Amee Masigla 03 April 2005

hi! i read your poems....they're interesting.....makes me wonder who you are...are we related? ...amee

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