Ameed Taha

Ameed Taha Poems

1. My Life 7/14/2012
2. When I Am Blind 7/14/2012
3. Fml 7/26/2012
4. Life Oh Life... 9/28/2012
5. Life Oh Life 9/28/2012
6. No Title... 4/22/2013
7. My Hatred 7/30/2013
8. The Evolution-Tangled Mortality. 2/1/2014
9. Just Hatred 6/3/2013
10. The Forsaken (Version 2) 7/28/2013
Best Poem of Ameed Taha

Just Hatred

For hatred to unfold, your heart is cold.
Love and warmth let bleed, as for hatred it does feed.

Death O Death,

such perfect salvation,
to run from all creation.

hate your fate,
and let your dark mate.

wonder not,
for this life and its confusion,
is non but an illusion.

what hurts the most, just forsake and rake.
for it's the only salvation you could take.

non of the reality it is.
for it's just a frostbite.

feelings leaked into this word,
for it's a thought of this world,
that my ...

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