Amelie Ison Poems

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Yellow Paint

Well, all the yellow paint that you consume
Will not paint happiness inside you.
A splash of paint on your internal organs
Will not brighten up you like it brightens up your walls,

Shadows Of What Used To Be

The silhouettes are all that remain:
There is nothing left of them
But the memories that have faded over the years.
From generation to generation,

Tequila Is Better Than Tea

I may not be your cup of tea
But I am your tenth shot of tequila.
We are made to be together
One way or another.

The Crow

There is a crow that always follows me:
A master of shadow—
His dark black wings full of mystery and evil;
His cunning dots for eyes.

The Mercy Dog

I watched a dog sweep across the land where no man stands:
So delicate in his every step. He manoeuvred across it
With very little fault, and he didn't worry for the mud
That clung his feet like a monster primed to attack.

The Carrion Tree

-For Burns

Hanging from its branches,
The tree bears them like glorious fruits—

Whilst You Die

-For Hades, the crow

We put you up high so the cats can't get you,
But it is futile: you will die anyway.

Solace Within Death

You are the Bringer Of Life:
The one who spreads the seeds of Mother Nature—
But when The Darkness beckons you to follow,
You must heed its call to die at last.

Poetry, Anyone?

-To my friends (who are not poets)

How can you not be a poet?
Let me understand:

Love Poems

A poem is someone's soul on paper:
It emits a feeling,

Perhaps of great rage or warmth or sadness—

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