RoseAnn V. Shawiak America Poems

43rd President Of America

Watching the Presidential Inauguration from a couch in
middle America's livingroom, tears swelling from my
heart in patriotic pride.

Trump Created A Path For America

Rising and continuing to go forward, nothing else
can beat the path that Trump has now created for

Longing For Old America

Tackling moments of a corrupt government, wondering
what to do to keep freedom alive and live the way I
want to, and not the way some evil, corrupt person
says I must.

Discovering Meaning In America

Watching gusts of wind, blowing an American
flag, waving our freedom in a morning breeze.

Unfolding, flapping, swinging merrily in the

Collectively Protecting America

Justice comes to those who believe in God, nothing on
earth seems to matter when we do this.

Evil is being fought endlessly by our nation, our own

America's Sons

Pat Tillman, a soldier, a hero, personifying all men
and women serving their time in the military, fighting
our war for freedom and democracy.

Government Helping Mexico Bankrupt America

City Council, mayor, ignoring the real issues of illegal immigration, passing the buck, blaming the feds for their inadequecies in dealing with them.
Building day labor camps instead to keep them off the streets, using taxpayers money to give to illegals instead of deporting them the way they should.
Jobs going to illegals as managers, general managers, district managers at fast food restaurants instead of arresting them and hiring legal citizens of America.

Assault On America

Working within, ideas combining and holding onto their essences, hoping to vindicate inappropriate behavior of perverts and traitors, not believing how truly evil they are.

Committing treason, human and child sex trafficking, money laundering, pretending they're good people, but they are far from that in truth.

Innocent Flags Of America

Innocent flags of America, being blown by a gentle afternoon
breeze, bothering no one, asking for nothing, seemingly wait-
ing to be honored and pledged to by Veterans and Americans.

America Being Taken Away From Thieves

People talking everywhere, fake news and lies being perpetrated
on T.V., in the media, everywhere, not able to get the truth any-
more except through the underground.

America Is Back

America is back and better than ever, thanks to our great
President, Donald J. Trump who has brought pride back in-
to American's lives with his hope and faith in God.

Taking America Back

Thinking, planning, finding reasons to continue living
and writing poetry, loving to live this life that God
has given.

America, Example To The World

Delightful music coming from a C.D., energizing and up-
lifting my spirit, listening to a song about 9/11, a
tribute to our American heroes and to all the people who
died that day in the Twin Towers.

America Awakened

Thinking about May Day, it has two meanings, one in May with
the Mayday pole and entertainment, the other one is "May Day"
as in something big is happening.

Bringing Back Life To America

Present and accounted for every moment of this poetical life
of mine.

Always in touch with who I am while living my way, having morals,

Waking America

Steadily moving forward in spite of a backwards spiral taking
me into denizens of poverty once again, having water, electric
shut off, living essentially in a cave like centuries ago.

America Needs A Real President

Born to run against the grain, taking our liberty firmly in
hand, never letting it go, fighting those who are trying to
take our country away and give it to our enemies.

Moving Onto The Pathway Of A Greater America

Going forward, never deviating from this positive aspect
of our government, never again leaning to the left, for
Americans have all found out the truth and depth of their

Our America

America belongs to all of us legal citizens, no one is
taking it from us, roaming across the lands through the
states where freedom reigns.

America Has Lost It's Patience

Failing to see any reason to not stop immigration and
close our borders to protect citizens of the United
States from all the usurpers of justice.

Taking Back America

Taking time to gather firearms into our homes,
prepared for the worst and planning to do our
best to eliminate the people who have been
destroying America from the inside out.

America's Doors Are Opened

Refusing to give in to Obama, our proud and brave Vets
are taking matters into their own hands, helping the
world get rid of isis and their reign of terror.

Real America

Knowing how much other people are missing by not being
here, feeling sorry for them, however, it doesn't stop
me from enjoying myself and having fun.

Ripping Apart America's Fabric

Centuries of life have been lived by many people and
cultures, attempting to cooperate and live in peace

Loving America

Loving freedom of riding a motorcycle into the desert and
mountains, hair flowing flowing in the wind, mind catching
at the landscapes as I ride through them, letting go of all
the turmoil of the day.

America On The Mend

America is on the mend thanks to Donald Trump running
for President, sending liberal democrats crazy!

They will never be in control again, because Trump will

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