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43rd President Of America

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Watching the Presidential Inauguration from a couch in
middle America's livingroom, tears swelling from my
heart in patriotic pride.

All the world is watching, seeing the tremendous amount
of security for our President who is greatly loved and
admired by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Pomp and circumstance of old brought into our twenty-
first century, touching lives of all Americans with
pride in the United States Of America.

Seeing the rich history of America's freedom and
democracy from all eyes of the world, all nationalities,
brings hope to the forefront of those under tyranny and

A light in darkness of spirit, allowing all countries
to dare to dream and become like the United States, a
free standing country in our world.

Pride echoes and reechoes throughout American hearts
swelling with tears of freedom forever anchored in
our lives.

We stand as *one nation, indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all*, as we embrace all nations through-
out our world.

All people, all faiths, united in the hope of a
liberated world for everyone.

Shania K. Younce 16 March 2014

A kind poem. Some day I hope it to be. Bien!

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Maryanne Richards 10 March 2014

Unfortunately for the world it is this very nationalism that creats so much division.

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Bri Edwards 19 January 2018

43rd President George W. Bush 2001 - 2009......according to Google search. i really don't know which president you mean; one commenter thought you meant the 44th, Obama. But, no matter who the President is, i find it almost impossible to believe these words: .....our President who is greatly loved and admired by Democrats and Republicans alike......................does this EVER happen? ? ? bri ;)

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Aeronius D. Mccoy 04 September 2015

I attended Obama's first inauguration. It truly was a special day, everyone coming together, an air of hope and smiles across every face. He's a great orator, no doubt. I voted for him both times. But, sadly, I've been disappointed by President Obama. The proxy wars and drone strikes he has continued are inexcusable and further extend the never ending wars our country takes part in. When he first ran, he ran on a platform of diplomacy. Apparently his brand of diplomacy equates to hellfire missiles raining down from four miles up in the sky. There's a lot of collateral damage, innocent people killed, society's torn apart as a result. Our mainstream media doesn't cover that kind of news much. So, in hindsight, I have to respectfully disagree with the tone of this poem. Both the Republicans and Democrats have pulled quite a heist and monopolized the political process, both serving the same masters. The military-industrial complex continues its reign. Look up Dwight Eisenhower, a lifelong military man before becoming president, and his address to the country before leaving office. His words should have been taken more seriously. Then maybe look up Major General Smedley Butler and his thoughts on war. Sorry for writing such a long message. I see so many fooled by the illusory choice of Democrat vs Republican, good people who deserve better than what they're getting.

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Kevin Patrick 12 August 2014

Nice sentiment and beautifully expressed, but I think you mistook the number of 43 to be 44, as I recall the 43 president was a semiliterate jock, who help founded the economic crisis of 08, got into an unnecessary war in Iraq under false pretenses, and pretty much used 9/11 as a blank cheque to curb civil liberties. Yes the 43 president brought tears to my eyes, tears of laughter of how the greatest nation in the world elected sweet little georgie to be leader of the free world. Who needs a sitcom when we can just watch all the craziness in the good ol US of A

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Stephen W 22 April 2014

Embracing all nations into enslavement. Supporting murder in Afghanistan, fascism in Ukraine, civil war in Syria. To say he is a disappointment is a mild understatement. We live in an era of false flag politics. So sad.

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Sandra Feldman 16 March 2014

Fooled. How does it feel to have your country smashed against a wall? With a pen and a phone Sorry, but It was not I, that lied, Period!

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