And Wanting Some More Poem by Amy Marie

And Wanting Some More

Rating: 4.0

And waiting some more.

Last long night and late this morning
You took an old silver
Spoon to stir up my innocent mind with

Your candy-like talk.
Your nauseously frightening distance.
Your virtually unrecognizable smile.

Tonight I sink still in my spot on my evening bed
To wait for your return.
For the the message you've not yet answered.

The night before last long night
My mind played for me a dream.
And in that dream

A letter was never sent.
It was an oversized cardboard letter
Addressed to somebody else but never sent.

Then in the dream
You did show me your friendliness
As you smiled truthfully to tell me you did not love her.

I believed you.
I should have.
I still do.

Even with that
Because of the long last night and this late morning
I'm still here

And wanting some more.

Kelly Seale 17 August 2012

Beautiful, Heart felft write Amy. The concept of wanting...and wanting more, isa maddening one, for rarely, do we ever get what we wnat... and far too often, we end up settling.... for nothing. Great Write Amy! I have written on this in Fade In... Poems by Kelly Seale: 16 / 50 « prev. poem next poem » User Rating: - / 10 (0 votes) - Rate poem - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Print friendly version E-mail this poem to a friend Send this poem as eCard Add this poem to MyPoemList Add this poet to MyPoetList What do you think this poem is about? Report Poem 'Fade In...' -Fade in... The morning sun breaks through a crack in the curtains, and shines down upon your face. The warmth and light fill you with a certain feeling, one that you can't quite place. You reach over to hold him, not expecting him to be gone. And your heart breaks wide open, as you keep on reaching on... The smell of him lingers- In the tangled sheets of your bed. The memory of his face, his eyes, burns deeply into your head. You can still feel his touch, on the most intimate places of your skin. And yet; there can be no doubt, that you will never seen him again. Fade in... Fade out. -Kelly.

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Chris Blazo 17 August 2012

A good poem of want and desire. I liked the overall flow to it. Thanks for sharing.

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Gautham Longman 17 May 2012

Waiting sure is painful. But make sure its for REAL and that you are not trying to cheat yourself by waiting for someone who aint gonna come back.. Sorry 'bout dat, Ijust got carried away by the lines. I think nothing more is to be said about the gripping beauty of the lines... Great work...

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Mar Cav 17 February 2012

Hmmm...waiting IS so hard. And dreams can seem SO real. I loved this poem!

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Taylor Hodges 10 January 2012

This Poem is excellent, I love it :)

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