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A Unicorn From The World Next-Door

In the house of death the old ones chant
strange couplets & mysterious narratives-
that like the tumble-weeds wisp through the picket fence....
& flows, sweeping down the dark byways & pathways.....

Winter's Dragons

icy dragons
how you dance around
walls of my simple house
i do in respect close the shutters

Early Morning Rainstorm

i saw god in the raindrops fall to earth
like trout returning to the source of origin.
So i caught the life-giving beads in a mason jar
& placed it beneath my bed.

Poem Sparrow

i have often heard of you
poem sparrow
in the chanting of the old ones
in the constellations of their tales

Night Song

Little fox running
in the dark stained night.
Beyond the eyesight of mortals
slumbering in their little houses

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