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I started writing when I was in high school. Many of my poems back then were very dark and depressing. I gave up on it for many years and have now returned with a new view. Love is so much better then depression, though I have felt both. My dream is to one day write free lance for greeting cards. Although, structure and wording can be different, if ...

Angel Morrell Poems

Two Directions, One Path

Here we are, worlds apart,
Our lives in two directions,
One will search for the hope,
The other for love's resurrection.

What Lies Beneath

Underneath what is not said,
In our hearts and in our heads,
Unspoken words whisper in the breeze,
What is shared between you and me.

Empty Heart

I sit here in silence,
a tear rolls down my face.
As I am starting to feel lost
and my life so out of place.

I Breathe For You

I am looking over the endless ocean
wondering where I now belong.
I once had an unconditional love
but it is now gone.

Death Imagined

I imagine how life would be,
Should God decide to take you away from me,
I imagine that second they tell me you have
gone away,

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