Angelica Duardo

Rookie - 50 Points (September 1987 / San Diego California)

Angelica Duardo Poems

1. She Steals The Light Of Morning Sun 4/4/2008
2. Breaking News 4/4/2008
3. From The Corner Of My Eye (I See The Faces) 4/4/2008
4. Boats Of White 4/4/2008
5. Kill A Myth 4/4/2008
6. Around You 4/4/2008
7. Paradox 4/4/2008
8. Comme Une Louve (French) 4/4/2008
9. Comme Une Louve (En Espanol- Como Una Loba) 4/4/2008
10. Comme Une Louve (In English- Like A Wolf) 4/4/2008
11. I Stand Victorious Over The Gates Of Hell 4/4/2008
12. Heroes Don'T Cry 4/4/2008
13. All Wolves Are Gray At Night 4/4/2008
14. Lonely Wars 4/4/2008
15. The River Song 4/4/2008
16. I Love You And It Hurts 4/4/2008
17. When I Walk Away 4/4/2008
18. Perfect Maze 4/8/2008
19. Breaking Shells 4/8/2008
20. The Difference Between Shadows And Stars 4/19/2008
21. Never Again I Wish To Feel This Way 4/19/2008
22. There Is No Sense To What I Say 4/19/2008
23. What If... 4/19/2008
24. Ser Como Dioses 4/19/2008
25. Ghosts 4/19/2008
26. We Just Hold On 4/19/2008
27. Mistake 4/19/2008
28. This Song Is For You 4/19/2008
29. I Need To Forget You 4/19/2008
30. Black Eyes 4/19/2008
31. Goodbye 4/19/2008
32. Who Should I Believe 4/19/2008
33. I Wish I Had A Louder Voice 4/19/2008
34. Changing Seasons 5/21/2008
35. That's Why Now I'M Going Home 5/21/2008
36. The Biggest Teaching 5/21/2008
37. I'M The Joker 5/21/2008
38. On Boys, Beers And Girls 5/21/2008
39. A Lessons For Myself 5/21/2008
40. Glow 5/25/2008
Best Poem of Angelica Duardo

A Lesson In Courage (My Beautiful Mother)

A lesson in courage
That’s what my mother is
A beautiful flower
I was born with in

I thought I could live without her
But she is the air I breathe
I was tired of all her words
But she is my sun, my star, my world

I know I’ve hurt her many times before
But it’s just my stupid way of saying:
“I love you more than I ever did before”
Is immature, I know, I still have a lot of things to learn

I thought I could live far away from her
I probably could, but it wouldn’t be the same
I have laugh of her silly ways
But she’s lovelier than a ...

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Kill A Myth

Some wise old man told me once
A myth is more dangerous than the man who dies
You can’t kill a myth like you did with the man
You can’t kill a myth with your own two hands

I thought about it all day long
And then came night and still I thought
I tried to find a way to prove him wrong
But this wise old man who told me once

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