Angelique' Rockwell Poems

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Divorce (Life's Biggest Test)

Through all the drama
I'm still standing strong
My husband still thinks I'll be back
But I know I'm not wrong

My Bestie

Where have I been?
Where am I going?
Up hill both ways?
In the dark and snowing?

Happy Birthday My Prince

Hey baby boy, it's mom
I wanted to say I miss you
And to call for whatever you need
Or if you're just feeling blue

A Memory To Be

The time we spent together
Was only a memory to be
Though it could never last
Was a great partnership to see


So it's now come to this
You really have no clue
What it feels like
To wake up cold and blue

Lonely Again....

I've let them all go
Drift off one by one
Now I've no place to be
When I need to have fun

Better Left Unsaid

Hey sweet babies
Again you're asleep as I come in
Not awake to ask where I'm at
Not awake to ask where I've been

He Just Has To Call

Being surrounded by people
Day after day
Only one friend among them
There's nothing to say

Confusion Pt 2

I was wrong
As soon as she came out
He had been babydaddy-to-be
And she was all he was about

Bullshit Games

Here's the story
It's sad but true
I was extremely lonely
And fell so easily for you

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