My Bestie Poem by Angelique' Rockwell

My Bestie

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Where have I been?
Where am I going?
Up hill both ways?
In the dark and snowing?

Sometimes from anxiety I cry
Until overwhelmed then I pass out
Depression overcomes me completely
Then leaves me full of doubt

I begin to actually feel nothing
Like I really don't matter or even care
Then I look around and wonder
If anyone can see or is aware

The my best friend comes by
To make me laugh, smile and debate
Only with her I can be myself
It's nice to have someone who can relate

I've known her forever
Funny, we weren't this tight
As we got older, the closeness built up
But we used to be like day and night

We can talk about anything
There's no limits or lines to cross
Together we are awesome
Only when alone do I feel the loss

I don't know anyone like her
And believe me - I wish there were
But I would do anything for her
Nothing would be too much to endure

She truly is my other half
I think it's the right side of the brain
I know it means the one with sense
My creativity is sometime a pain

I often spill my guts to her
Without even a thought or a blink
I never have to explain myself
She knows exactly how I think

What would I have done all those times
If she hadn't been right here?
A mess and falling to pieces?
I feel complete when she is near.


Amber Tejada 17 December 2007

is this about muah? I love you baby girl - nothing comes close to us and nothing ever will!

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One Tap Tap 28 November 2005

I like it, it flows really well and is emotional. You clearly are very lucky to have such good friends. keep writing One Tap

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Thomas Viruvelil 28 November 2005

A real good poem, Angel as most of your poems look like dairy entries.This one show your helplessness in true colour making me feel it deeply

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