Lonely Poem by Angelique' Rockwell


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So it's now come to this
You really have no clue
What it feels like
To wake up cold and blue

I started my life at a very young age
And watched swept away in a minute
I still had my kids and the bills
But the man who raised me no longer in it

I still made it work
Through the nightmares and fears
I still made it through
The drug habits and tears

I tried to move on
I've love and I've cried
I hate him for missing all this
But I wish he hadn't died

I miss my husband
My kids miss their dad
It was just too late
For him to see what he had

So again I move on
Time after time
Looking for true love
Own my own dime

I need to be cherished
To feel my own worth
The only love I know is true
Are to those that I gave birth

My trust has been taken
My youth has been lost
My loved taken for granted
Used, abused, and tossed

My hope is long gone
I don't write much these days
I miss my innocence
When I thought everyone stays

I guess I was lucky
That's what I'd thought
It's been a long, sad story
And that's all I have bought

I daydream of my savior
To make me happy once more
To love, honor, and cherish
To be what he wants to adore

I want my kids to be appreciated
For all they have gone through
Although mommy will always be with them
I know they wish their daddy was too.

Sunday, July 24, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: lost love
Jazib Kamalvi 18 March 2020

Write comment. Such a nice poem, Angelique. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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Khairul Ahsan 28 March 2018

A nice poem, touched me.

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Sobering work that made for an interesting read...If you don't mind a bit of no-nonsense critiquing & it's strictly IMO- the work starts off crisp & smooth, however stanzas 2 & 3 do not flow well. That said, from thereon out(4-12) the piece flows mellifluously like silk on satin...Take a 2nd look & I think you will se what I observed and felt when reading those 2 stanzas....Keep that pen pumping young lady...Talent u-got! ~FjR~

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Angelique' Rockwell

Angelique' Rockwell

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