Happy Birthday My Prince Poem by Angelique' Rockwell

Happy Birthday My Prince

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Hey baby boy, it's mom
I wanted to say I miss you
And to call for whatever you need
Or if you're just feeling blue

I know we don't see eachother
Or at least often enough
To go places or play games
Or just to talk about stuff

I know you're turning ten
And that in itself is a confusing year
But if you need anything at all
You know that i'll be here

You've been my angel
Since the day you were born
I promised to take care of you
I know I am failing what I had sworn

This seperation between your dad and I
Hasn't been an easy ordeal
It's tearing up all of us
Every fight just makes it more real

I will get back on my feet
Believe me, you'll be the first to know
Moving back in with me
This is how I'll show

Happy Birthday baby
My little mini-me
I love and miss you very much
Don't believe me, you'll see!


Thomas Viruvelil 28 November 2005

I do hope you have strength to go through all troubles.May be you should hope for a sunny day, pleasant and full of fun with no worries to pull you down hugs tomy

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John Tiong Chunghoo 28 November 2005

dear angelique, i like the rawness in this poem. take it easy. a little baby usually helps to mend things, i think.

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Angelique' Rockwell

Angelique' Rockwell

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