A Memory To Be Poem by Angelique' Rockwell

A Memory To Be

The time we spent together
Was only a memory to be
Though it could never last
Was a great partnership to see

I needed to feel wanted
You gave me that from the start
The fact that I could help you
Filled the emptiness in my heart

Using sex to fill the emptiness
The only common that we shared
We really needed eachother
When it seemed no one else cared

I love that you took care of me
And I helped whenever I could
I got nervous when people to talked
It made me unsure of where I stood

Only then did I tested the bounderies
And I repeated to you what was said
I soon found myself out in the rain
Crying from heartache and dread

This thing we had was special
We're from different sides of the track
I knew it couldn't ever be much else
So why do I keep going back?

Why didn't I just believe in us?
Why does this still hurt so much?
We were only meant for a memory to be
But why didn't I treat it as such?


Hebert Logerie Sr. 25 July 2009

What is memory without time? Both always need each other.Beautifully done!

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Samael Wolf 25 December 2006

'We were only meant for a memory to be But why did I treat it as such? ' Even the most beautiful dream has a begining and alas, an end. Beautiful poem. -Samael-

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John Tiong Chunghoo 25 December 2006

dear angelique, i love this great line; We were only meant for a memory to be

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Angelique' Rockwell

Angelique' Rockwell

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