anisha Kolencherry

anisha Kolencherry Poems

1. Help Me To Come To You 9/11/2015
2. You Are So Glorious And Great. 9/19/2015
3. Divinity Is Giving Light 9/19/2015
4. You Are The Almighty. 9/24/2015
5. Christ Is Coming To Me 5/8/2016
6. Vishudhan (Indian Film) 6/2/2016
7. A New Heaven And A New Earth 6/5/2016
8. I Saw An Angel. 10/2/2015
9. Mother Is A Wonder On Earth 5/14/2016
10. Death Is A Great Sacrifice 6/2/2016
11. Spirit Of Love. 5/14/2016
12. Prayer To The Spirit 5/14/2016
13. God Unites Us In Harmony. 9/24/2015
14. I Find You In Light 9/24/2015
15. O Divine, O, All Powerful, 9/24/2015
16. Wonderful Moment Is A Divine Plan 9/19/2015
17. In The World Of Darkness 9/20/2015
18. Forget The Past 9/19/2015
19. Light Which Clears The Darkness 9/20/2015
20. A Nurse Of The Day 5/14/2016
21. Innocence Of A Child 6/2/2016
22. The Divine Gift Of Faithfullness. 6/2/2016
23. Catch Of The Day 6/8/2016
24. Prayer 9/19/2015
25. Come, Take Possession Of Me. 9/25/2015
26. I Need You 9/11/2015
27. My Longing For God 9/6/2015
28. Lead Me O My God. 9/18/2015
29. Life Gives Hope 9/21/2015
30. The Warmth Of Love 9/6/2015
31. In Search Of You My God. 9/18/2015
Best Poem of anisha Kolencherry

In Search Of You My God.

I sang songs of love
in search of you my God.

Singing i came down to the wilderness.

Nothing was clear.
Everything was vague.

I saw through a thin shroud.

You are there in wide open place.

This place seems never ending.
long and wide in the wilderness.

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The Warmth Of Love

God found him in wilderness
in fearful, desolate wastes;
He surrounded him, he lifted him up,
he kept him as the apple of his eye.

It is our experience that God finds us when we are suffering.
In our nothingness, in our fear he comes to us to save us.
He embraces us, lifts us up and keeps us close to his heart in a loving embrace.

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